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Electronic Warfare - Concepts

Course Description

This practical 3-day course provides insight into the whole electronic-warfare field at the systems and operational level. It covers the basic definitions and technical and operational concepts of electronic and information warfare to enable students to communicate effectively with professionals in those fields and as a foundation for later higher level courses. It uses little math beyond algebra, yet students will learn to use important propagation and jamming equations in their simple dB forms. All concepts are explained in practical, physical terms.

Target Audience

The course is ideal for engineers expert in one aspect of EW/IW who want to round their EW education, engineers and advanced technicians new to the field, and those who need to understand how their products and subsystems fit into the big picture.

Course Outline


  • Basic concepts of EW and IW. Definitions, terminology and descriptions of subfields. Description of threats and threat signals. Aircraft protection, Ship protection, Ground vehicle protection. Communications and infrastructure vulnerability and protection.

Electronic Support Measures

  • Antennas, Receivers, Processors, Man-machine Interface, Search techniques, Emitter Location, Basic intercept calculations (received signal level, receiver sensitivity, effective range).

Electronic Countermeasures

  • Jamming concepts, Radar and Communication Jamming, cover jamming, deceptive jamming, Basic jamming calculations (J/S & Burn through for self protection and stand-off jamming).


  • Expendable, towed and independent maneuver. Active and passive decoys. Decoy engagement calculations.


  • Techniques and effectiveness. Aircraft protection, Ship protection.

Infrared and Electro-optical systems and countermeasures

  • Black body theory (very shallow coverage), Heat seeking missiles, FLIR, IRST, Night vision devices, Laser designators, Ladar, Flares, IR jammers, Laser countermeasures.

Relationship of EW and IW

  • IW Concerns and Techniques.

Course Details

Course start Mon 13th November 2017
Course end Wed 15th November 2017
Individual price $2,900.00
Extra Information To secure your seat, please register using the forms provided. You may also reserve a seat without commitment if you are awaiting supervisor / financial approval.
Course location Adelaide (Mawson Lakes)
Please register your interest in this course by contacting Babcock on +61 (0)8 8440 9507

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