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Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining

Course Description

The main objective of this 3 day course delivered by Professor Michael Negnevitsky is to acquaint participants with Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining and provide them with working knowledge for building intelligent systems for solving practical problems. Participants not only benefit from understanding methods and procedures involved in computational intelligence including fuzzy modelling, artificial neural networks, hybrid neuro-fuzzy systems and genetic algorithms, but also acquire access to the state-of-the-art in data mining and knowledge discovery.

Target Audience

Researchers, scientists and engineers who face challenging problems and cannot solve them by using traditional approaches. The course participants need no knowledge of any programming language. The methods used in this course have been extensively tested through several courses given by the presenter for the past decade.

Course Outline


Day 1

Rule-based expert systems

Introduction, or what is knowledge

Rules as a knowledge representation technique

Structure of a rule-based expert system

Forward and backward chaining

Uncertainty management: Bayesian reasoning and certainty factors


Fuzzy systems

Introduction, or what is fuzzy thinking

Fuzzy sets

Fuzzy rules and fuzzy inference

Building a fuzzy system

Summary and Exercises

Artificial neural networks

Introduction, or how the brain works

The perceptron

Multilayer neural networks

Self-organising neural networks

Summary and Exercises

Day 2

Evolutionary computation

Genetic algorithms

Case study: maintenance scheduling with genetic algorithms

Evolutionary strategies

Genetic tuning of fuzzy models

Summary and Exercises

Hybrid intelligent systems

Introduction, or how to combine German mechanics with Italian love

Neuro-fuzzy systems

ANFIS: Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System

Summary and Exercises

Day 3

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

What is data mining?

Statistical methods and data visualisation

Principal component analysis

Relational databases and database queries

Miltidimensional data analysis

Decision trees

Association rules and market basket analysis

Summary and Exercises

The course includes practical hands-on sessions where participants are given the opportunity to apply in practice the theory they have learnt.


Attend this course and learn:

rule-based and fuzzy expert systems

artificial neural networks

hybrid neuro-fuzzy systems

genetic algorithms

what are methods and procedures involved in intelligent data mining including visualization, decision trees, fuzzy modeling, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms and hybrid neuro-fuzzy systems

how to build and use intelligent systems

how do we choose the right tool for the job

Unlike many other courses on artificial intelligence and data mining, this one demonstrates that most ideas behind artificial intelligence, intelligent data mining and knowledge discovery are simple and straightforward.

The course participants need no knowledge of any programming language. The methods used in this course have been extensively tested through several courses given by the presenter for the past decade.

This course is based on Professor Negnevitsky’s latest book: 'Artificial Intelligence: A Guide to Intelligent Systems', 3rd Ed., Addison-Wesley, 2011.

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