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Advanced Topics in Digital Signal Processing

Course Description

This 4 day course delivered by Professor Fred Harris is designed for communication systems engineers, programmers, implementers and managers who need to understand current practice and next generation Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques for upcoming communication systems. DSP is more than simply mapping legacy analogue designs to a DSP implementation. To avoid compromised solutions based on analogue limitations from an earlier time period, this course returns to first principles to demonstrate how to apply new technology capabilities to the design of next generation communication systems.

Target Audience

The course assumes students have a basic understanding of maths and awareness of digital signal processing and communication systems. Concepts are reviewed as a refresher for all students to support the transition towards new concepts introduced in the course. Whilst mathematics are involved they are integrated into the course intuitively; allowing students to learn how theory is applied in a practical context.

Course Outline


An examination of past, present, and future digital modulation systems

Digital Filters

FIR filters, re-sampling filters, interpolators and decimators, half-band filters, cascade integrator-comb (CIC) filters, Hogenauer filters, multi-rate IIR filters


Analysis and Synthesis Channelisers, Perfect Reconstruction filter banks, modulation and demodulation, design techniques, workload advantages

Filter Design Techniques

Window designs and performance considerations, equiripple designs, system considerations, options to improve system performance, finite arithmetic Digital Baseband Transmission: Nyquist filter, excess bandwidth, matched filters, square-root Nyquist filter, shaping and up-sampling filters

Pre- and Post-Signal Conditioning

Analogue filters, timing jitter, direct digital synthesizers, CORDIC processors, direct digital synthesizers and oscillators, interpolating and decimating filters in A-to-D and D-to-A, AGC, DC cancelling, I-Q balancing, AGC loops, SNR estimators

Sigma-delta Converters

A-to-D, D-to-A, D-to-D, multi-loop and wide-band converters, system considerations

Carrier Centred Modulation and Demodulation

Shaping and interpolation, QPSK, QAM, Digital IF options, OFDM, legacy analogue modulation and demodulation in DSP. FM modulation and demodulation


Phase locked loop, proportional plus integral loops, phase recovery, band edge filters in frequency recovery, timing recovery, polyphase filters in timing recovery

Adaptive Filters

LMS algorithm, RLS algorithm, lattice filters, linear and adaptive equalization, decision feedback equalizers, constant modulus (blind) equalizers

Modem Structures

Wireline, cable, satellite, and terrestrial modems and considerations

Course Details

Course start 11/02/2019
Course end 14/02/2019
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Course location Adelaide
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